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Flood Mud: Improving Flood Sediment Management

Updated: Mar 2

Vermont experienced catastrophic flooding in July 2023. Given that these floods are expected to become more frequent and severe with climate change, effective response and recovery measures are becoming increasingly important. Sediment deposition was an overlooked impact of the floods, despite the fact that many areas in Vermont were left covered in feet of mud after flood waters receded.

Between September and December of 2023, our NH and VT River Stewards were pleased to work with a student consulting team (Robin Andresen, Sam Messina, Ella Roelofs, and Captain Rudolph) from Middlebury College’s Community Engaged Practicum class to investigate how sediments were handled in developed areas during July 2023’s flood response, identify gaps in this response, and made recommendations for improvement in response to future flooding events in Vermont.

You can read their final report and recommendations here.


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