Why We Do What We Do

Since 1952, we’ve been leading the way to restore and protect the Connecticut River. Flowing through New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut, the river is critical to our region’s future.


(Some Of) What We Do

Homestead Dam removalReconnecting Habitat For Fish

Removing deadbeat dams for healthier rivers & happier fish.
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Bellows Falls hydropower damBetter Hydropower

Relicensing of 5 hydropower dams on the main-stem Connecticut River.
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Ashuelot-group-tire-Dave-HoSource to Sea Cleanup

Annual watershed-wide trash cleanup.
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See the latest water testing results for sites along the CT River & tributaries.
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“I love the Connecticut River! It is my watershed address and I am thankful for CRWC investing their time and energy in stewarding and advocating for our home river.”
Arianna Alexsandra Collins, Ashfield, MA

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