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Fritz Gerhardt

Conservation Scientist

Fritz joined CRC as Conservation Scientist in January 2019 but has been working as an ecologist and conservation scientist since 1987. He completed his B.A. in Religious Studies at Grinnell College, his M.F.S. in Forest Ecology at Harvard University, and his Ph.D. in Community Ecology at the University of Colorado. He has worked, studied, and taught with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Harvard Forest, Dartmouth and Middlebury Colleges, University of Colorado, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Vermont Institute of Natural Science, and NorthWoods Stewardship Center.

For the past eleven years, he owned and operated an environmental consulting firm that specialized in conducting scientific research that furthered our understanding and conservation of the natural environment in northern New England and adjacent Canada. When not working, Fritz and his family enjoy living, walking, paddling, and gardening in the hills and valleys of the northern Connecticut River watershed.

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413-772-2020 ext. 219

Fritz Gerhardt

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