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Aliki Fornier

Ecology Planner

Aliki joined CRC’s staff in March 2018 shortly after moving to the valley from St. Peterburg, FL. Prior to joining CRC, she was a volunteer at several conservancies around the globe. In 2013, she volunteered at the Maurtitius Marine Conservation Society, working towards the preservation of cetaceans and marine turtles around the Island of Mauritius. In St. Petersburg, she volunteered with the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve helping to eliminate invasive species. Aliki learned of CRC through her participation in CRC’s annual Source to Sea Cleanup, as well as volunteering for our mussel restoration program.

Aliki graduated with a B.A. in Biology from Eckerd College. Growing up in Switzerland, by the Lac Leman, she always spent time around water, exploring its secrets. Aliki also spends some time in Greece every year – where her family resides – sailing or scuba diving with her brother.

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Aliki Fornier

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