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LiveStream: Geological Time Travel Through the Connecticut River Basin

man sticks his head through a dinosaur head fossil

For Connecticut River Conservancy’s first LiveStream of the season we welcomed Alfred (Fred) Venne, Museum Educator at the Beneski Museum of Natural History at Amherst College, for a riveting journey back and forth through time to explore the geological history of the Connecticut River valley. Fred shared major events that shaped the valley & watershed, present-day river and land environments and conditions, and working with mother nature.

CRC’s Vermont River Steward, Kathy Urffer, added perspective on building climate resilience through restoration projects, such as dam removals, tree plantings to restore riparian buffers, and overall protection of the river.

Check out the full recording here:

About LiveStream:

CRC brings your rivers to you! Join CRC staff and partners for a series of live lunchtime presentations, on select Wednesdays from Noon-1pm. You get to learn more about the rivers you love, ask questions, and interact with a river-loving community all from the comfort and safety of your home (or wherever you may be). LiveStream will be hosted via Zoom. Please register for each presentation to receive meeting information.

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