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Beaver Brook Dam Removal Project Update

Updated: Apr 15

dam removal

Project update from Connecticut River Conservancy’s Restoration Director, Ron Rhodes, in Wilmington, Vermont. Also on site is Phillip Herzig, Fish Biologist and Maintenance Action Team Coordinator with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC) is working with a private dam owner, the Town of Wilmington, the State of Vermont, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to remove an old mill dam and upgrade a town owned culvert to a new bridge. This project aims to restore water quality, reconnect native brook trout habitat, and improve flood resiliency in Beaver Brook (a tributary to the Deerfield River in the town of Wilmington).

This dam and culvert are at an intersection of well-traveled roads, which were heavily impacted during Tropical Storm Irene.

Ecological and community benefits include the following:

  • Increased water flow, water quality, and oxygen levels for aquatic organism health.

  • Increased aquatic organism passage (AOP), including native brook trout which require access to cold water habitats for reproductive spawning.

  • Lower 100-yr flood elevation level by 7 feet.

  • Eliminate the disruption of emergency services during future storm events.

With special thanks to our funding partners:

  • Watersheds United Vermont – VT Clean Water Block GrantUS

  • Fish and Wildlife Service

  • Flood Resilient Communities Fund – VT

  • Vermont Watershed Grant Program

  • Deerfield River Enhancement Fund

  • State grant to town for dry hydrant work

Video created and edited with sincere thanks to Jill DeVito and Charles Wright, of the Over the River and Through the Woods Youtube Channel.

Additional photos showing some of CRC’s staff, the newly constructed bridge, and Beaver Brook downstream of project activity.


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