Speak Up

for Cleaner Rivers

Change begins with you. YOU are powerful!

Together we make a big difference. Join us!

US + THEM = Cleaner Rivers

Our Personal Power & Responsibility

Change begins with each and every one of us. Little actions by lots of people add up to make a big impact for our rivers.

MULTIPLY your impact by inviting your friends, family, and co-workers to join you in this effort.

SPEAK UP for your rivers by contacting your elected representatives who work for YOU. Tell them to pass legislation that will keep our rivers free from trash. Show them the trash problem by sharing your trash pictures with them.

TELL businesses what products to make and sell by the power of your purchase$. CHOOSE reusable and REFUSE single-use plastic and foam.

LEAD by setting a good example for your family and friends. Don’t litter, use reusable items, and properly dispose of your waste — no wish-cycling! Be the change you want to see!

LEARN more about the trash problem, what CRC is doing to help solve it, and how you can help.

Tell Business To Do Their Part

It’s time corporations take responsibility for their role in trashing our rivers. They play a big role in deciding what products end up in consumers’ hands.

TELL businesses and corporations that we expect better options – more reusable options, less single-use plastic and foam, and products made with sustainable and climate-friendly materials.

DUNKIN’ trash is some of the most frequently found trash during the Source to Sea Cleanup. They have pledged to replace all foam cups with paper by 2020. That’s great! But it’s not enough. They need to STEP IT UP by rewarding customers for using the awesome reusable mugs they offer and by using eco-plastics.

TELL DUNKIN’ TO STEP IT UP by sharing these images on social media. Tag them on Twitter @DunkinDonuts #Dunkin #DunkOut; on Facebook @DunkinUS; and on Instagram @Dunkin

CUMBERLAND FARMS is another brand of trash that we find frequently along our rivers. They have not committed to reducing waste at all! It’s time they get with the program and DO SOMETHING…ANYTHING! They can follow the lead of their competitors by eliminating plastic bags and foam cups, offering reusable mugs, and implementing a corporate sustainability policy.

TELL CUMBERLAND FARMS TO DO SOMETHING…ANYTHING by sharing this image on social media. Tag them on Twitter @CumberlandFarms; on Facebook @CumberlandFarms; and on Instagram @CumberlandFarms

Photo Contest

Help show just how big of a problem trash is in our rivers!

  • Take photos of the plastic & tire trash you find.
  • Share photos online using #TiredOfTires and #PurgeThePlastic.
  • Tag your local elected officials.
  • Tag the companies whose logos appear on the trash you find.

CRC’s 2019 Source to Sea Cleanup photo contest will open in September. See the 2019 contest theme and prizes, and check out the great photos from last year!

Attend a Trash Talk

Learn more about trash laws in your state and how you can join CRC to get involved locally and help stop the flow of trash. Join us for an informal chat about trash and our local waterways.

Fall 2019 Trash Talks: Schedule Coming Soon

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