Trash Tally for Source to Sea Cleanup

Please submit your Tally no later than a week after your cleanup. Group leaders should submit one Trash Tally on behalf of the whole group. Fill out the online form OR download the 2019 Trash Tally Form and Tire Dating Form & mail to: CRC, 15 Bank Row, Greenfield, MA 01301.

Not sure how to find the date a tire was made? Watch this short video.

ATTENTION: If your group finds an item that may have been used in a crime (a gun, safe, cash register or similar item), please note it on this form and report it to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Why do we track trash? At CRC, we envision waters that are full of life and free from waste. By participating in the Source to Sea Cleanup, you are part of the solution for cleaner rivers. Collecting trash data over time allows us to share information about pollution with river users and decision makers. Your work helps advocate for laws to keep trash out of rivers.

We support . . . 
* Making recycling easier and more accessible.
* Extending responsibility to product manufacturers for recycling goods, including tires.
* Expanding Bottle Bills to encourage recycling plastic bottles.
* Buying products that are recycled, come in recycled packaging, or are not in single-use containers.

If you have questions about trash policy or are interested in using our trash data, please contact Stacey Lennard, our Cleanup Coordinator at or 413-772-2020 x211. Thank you!