Source to Sea Cleanup 2019 Photo Contest

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The 2019 contest will open in September. View the 2018 photo gallery!

2018 Judge’s Choice Winners (above): L to R: 1st Place- Kelly Stettner, Black River Action Team; 2nd Place- Linda Wallace, CT Society Children of the American Revolution; 3rd Place- Sharon McDonald, Northampton Community Rowing

Take great photos at the 2019 Source to Sea Cleanup and you could win one of many great prizes! 

Our panel of judges, including professional photographers and CRC staff, will award prizes for the Judges’ Choice Best-of-the-Cleanup Award and  Judges’ Choice Advocacy Award.  Our People’s Choice Award will garner one winner determined by largest number of votes.


Help us show the world know what we’re finding in our rivers and report it to our legislators and other stakeholders. So get creative! Don’t be afraid to show the dirty truth, the impact of this trash on our rivers.

Suggested topics:

  1. Be the change you want to see: What are you doing to take personal responsibility around reducing waste? Photograph individuals and/or group members doing their part to clean up our rivers. Keep your photos full of action. Include the people, the trash AND the river for greater impact.
  2. Purge the Plastics: Over 150,000 beverage containers have been removed from in and near our rivers in the 23 years that volunteers have been cleaning up the Connecticut River basin. Manufacturers, businesses, and government need to lead the way on overhauling how we make and use plastic – ban single-use plastic, use better types of plastic, make recycling easy, and keep Styrofoam out of our rivers by using better types of dock floats. Show through your photos how much plastic waste you are finding and let’s tell our stakeholders we expect better. Post and share on Facebook, Instgram and Twitter using  #PURGETHEPLASTIC, then read more about the plastic problem.
  3. Tired of Tires: Tires are one of the most commonly found items during CRC’s annual Cleanup. It’s time that tire manufacturers take greater responsibility for the recycling and reuse of the tires they generate. Tire manufacturers insist the tires we find are old and that dumping is no longer a problem. Help us prove dumping is STILL happening. Show us the tires you pull and post on Facebook, Instgram and Twitter using #TIREDOFTIRES, then read more about the tire problem.

Tips: Your subjects do not need to pose; candids are great too. Consider including close ups, action shots, wildlife, folks wearing their Cleanup t-shirts, and side-by-side “before and after” shots.


JUDGES’ CHOICE AWARDS: Finalists will be determined by a panel of judges from among the eligible entries based on the quality of the contestant’s entry and how well the images convey the themes of the contest. All decisions of the judges are final. Only 1 prize per photographer. The photographs that receive the highest average scores will receive prizes in the following categories:

  • Judges’ Choice Best-of-the-Cleanup Award
  • Judges’ Choice Advocacy Award

Winners will be announced via email and on our website by 5:00pm on Thursday, October 10, 2019. Judge’s Choice winning photographs will NOT be eligible for voting in the People’s Choice Awards and will be removed from the voting pool. Additional photographs submitted by the winning photographers WILL be eligible.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: The single photograph with the highest total votes during the Voting Period will be deemed the winner of the People’s Choice Award. Share your entry with your family and friends and encourage them to vote for your photograph to increase your chances of winning.

Voting will take place beginning at 5:01pm on Thursday, October 10, 2019 through 5:00pm on Thursday, October 17, 2019. Once voting begins, no other photos may be submitted. The winning photograph will be posted on our website at 5:01pm on October 17, 2019.


2019 Prizes coming soon

2019 Prize coming soon


  • Photographers do not need to be members of CRC to participate.
  • If you are 17 years old or younger, you may participate in the Contest with the permission and assistance of your parent(s)/guardian(s).
  • Images that have won previous CRC photo contests are ineligible.
  • CRC staff, Board Members, interns, and their families are not eligible to participate.
  • Ownership and copyright of all entries remain solely with the photographer. By submitting your photos to this Contest, you grant use of your photographs for CRC publications, website, products, and other uses to promote CRC’s work. Credit given where possible.
  • Any entry will be disqualified if it is inappropriate, incomplete, fails to meet the required specifications, or for any other reason at the sole discretion of CRC. If your entry is rejected, it will be removed from the Contest website and you will be notified by email.


  • Each person is allowed to vote only once per photo per day, during the voting period.
  • Votes are tracked using your IP address.
  • You can vote for more than one photo each day.


Entry to the Contest is free! There are no fees and no donation requirements to enter the contest.


  • Upload your photo(s) using the entry form below and complete all required questions as directed.
  • You may enter up to 5 photos in the Contest. Total votes are tallied per photo, not per entrant or email address. Accepted file formats are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif
  • Please limit file size to 2MB or less.
  • All entries will be displayed on CRC’s website once they have been reviewed and approved. We will make every effort to approve photos within 48 hours. Notification will be that your photo shows up on the page.
  • Be prepared to provide CRC with the written consent of anyone who appears in a photograph.
  • For more information contact Stacey:
View 2018 Photos

2019 Contest submissions will begin on 9/3/19

2019 Submission Period:

The Source to Sea Photo Contest begins the day that YOUR group goes to the Cleanup! You may submit your photos through 12:00pm (noon) Thursday, October 10, 2019 (for any 2019 cleanup dates).

2019 Voting Period (for People’s Choice Award):

Voting begins at 5:01pm on Thursday, October 10, 2019 and ends at 5:00pm on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

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2018 Photo Contest

Contest Ended
On Nott's Island with sand letters
160 Votes
Five members of the Connecticut Society Children of the American Revolution take turns rolling this huge truck tire about 1/2 mile to the boat.
82 Votes
78 Votes
It took three of us to get this heavy Plastic Pallet up on shore.
53 Votes
Aiden McGuinness
18 Votes
Howard Moore (NCR coach and launch driver through early-morning-fog extraordinaire) ferries tires piled out of dump site.
14 Votes
Our Trash Tally at the end of a Beautiful Day.
13 Votes
Ted Garner acting as the River, as Liz Pollard pours trash onto him
8 Votes
When you pick up a pallet six minutes into the clean up, all you can do is to pile it higher.
8 Votes
It was a perfect day for a paddle.
8 Votes
Connecticut River Watershed Paddlers doing their part.
8 Votes
Not letting one piece of trash remain
7 Votes
5 Votes
Sarah Bello and Paul Woodworth wrestle a truck tire from the foot of I01 to the waiting USNFWS Airboat helmed by Andy French
5 Votes
Recyclables collected from volunteer event in Colchester, CT on 9/29/18
5 Votes
MMI VT shows their team's efforts
3 Votes
Our pile of trash/Thumbs up!/Kate, Hammer, and Alex
3 Votes
Our truck full of trash/We did it!/Kate, Heather, Hammer, and Alex
3 Votes
Carol Edelstein, Jenn Ferree, Paul Thaler, Andy Larkin -- 2 unknown boys
3 Votes
4 minutes into the the paddle we found a plastic pallet.
2 Votes
Liz Pollard and Ted Garner standing in chairs pulled out of the CT River, next to bags of trash and recyclables.
2 Votes
Sarah Bello and Paul Woodworth Wrestle a truck tire from the foot of I91 over the sticks and logs and through the poison ivy
2 Votes
It’s a time capsule! No it’s trash! What it really is is a seriously dated Big Grab @doritos bag stuffed inside a plastic container making sure it would have outlasted us. The litter, the trash, and one-time use plastic needs to come to an end whenever possible. It just goes to show how the smallest pieces of trash can have a lasting effect.
2 Votes
Troop 428 Scouts: James, Peter, Icabaud
1 Votes
While we were cleaning, we found an old chainsaw!/Cut out the trash/Kate
1 Votes
While we were cleaning, we found an old rusty chain/Break the chain on pollution!/Kate
1 Votes
Returning on Connecticut River below Coolidge Bridge -- Northampton/Hadley Mass -- Carol Edelstein
1 Votes
At Elwell Island dock -- Carol Edelstein
1 Votes
Amberlee Clark and Lindsey Belliveau of Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions volunteering on 9/29/18
1 Votes
Air conditioner found along the bank of the Connecticut River. / Cooling off the River
1 Votes
Boy Scout Pack 13 from Colchester at Wethersfield Cove CT
1 Votes