27th Annual
Source to Sea Cleanup

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Get dirty for cleaner rivers!

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2022 Accomplishments:

Thank you to all of our volunteers, group leaders, sponsors, and friends, for working together to tackle the trash challenge throughout the Connecticut River watershed. A sample of this year’s stats:

  • Over 1200 volunteers fanned out in all four river states. What a team effort!
  • 127 registered Cleanup groups (plus dozens of others who went out on their own)
  • 34.06 tons of trash diverted from rivers & streams
  • 12,399 beverage containers – comprised of plastic, glass, and aluminum cans
  • 7803 pounds of scrap metal

See the full impact of our collective efforts in the 2022 Cleanup Chronicle!

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We look forward to seeing this fall at Cleanup 2023!

Create a Climate-Friendlier Cleanup

Almost every decision we make has a carbon emission that goes along with it – cleanups are no exception! Check out these tips to lower the footprint of your cleanup.

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Enjoy a photo sampler from Cleanup 2022!

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DIY Cleanups

Going out another time of year? We encourage volunteers to read through our Cleanup pages for tips and best practices.

For your safety: Keep in mind that water temperatures and currents are cold and fast in the spring. Please plan accordingly.

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How To Get Involved

Each fall, thousands of volunteers of all ages and abilities come together to do their part and spend a few hours making the water cleaner, the river banks safer, and the wildlife happier. The first step for all volunteers is to complete our registration form and waiver.

See you in 2023!

Once you have completed the registration and waiver, you will receive an email with additional instructions for site selection. There are a few different ways to get involved:

Group Leaders

Group leaders serve a critical role in our annual Cleanup. With the support of our team, they:

  • Identify a cleanup site on our Adopt a Site Map or choose your own site in your area
  • Recruit, register, and organize volunteers — you can choose to keep your group private (just family and friends) or public (open to the wider community)
  • Prepare DIY cleaning supplies or order items from us
  • Oversee the tracking of all trash collected using our Trash Tally form or the CleanSwell app
  • Make a plan for trash and recycling disposal
  • Host a post-cleanup celebration with your team (optional)

Group Volunteers

If you’re most excited about cleaning, but less interested in organizing the details, you can join us as a Group Volunteer.

  • Visit the Registered Groups map and sign up with a group you know or find a group accepting volunteers
  • Stay in touch with your Group Leader to find out when/where to arrive and what to bring
  • Assist with Trash Tally and help your Group Leader dispose of all trash and recycling

Other Ways to Get Involved

Even if you’re not available during the Cleanup weekend, there are lots of ways to provide support:

Plan Your Cleanup

For more information about the Cleanup, contact Stacey Lennard, Cleanup Coordinator, at or 413-772-2020 x211.

Thanks for helping to keep our rivers clean!

CRC’s Source to Sea Cleanup has teamed up with Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup and American Rivers National River Cleanup, for cleaner waterways around the U.S. and the world.