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spacesuits by David Deen crop-wIt is a really big watershed – 11,000 square miles big and CRC staff cannot be in all places at all times to know when something has gone wrong. We count on you as local volunteers to be additional EYES & EARS of the Council. CRC needs to learn about what you see, so that together we can keep our rivers healthy for all.

The Eyes & Ears Network are volunteers throughout the watershed who are active on the river as anglers, boaters, bird watchers, hikers and other river users. As an Eyes & Ears Network volunteer, CRC will help you to recognize a wide variety of environmental threats you may see while out along the river. Volunteers keep an eye out for unexpected events such as new erosion sites, unexplained discharges or containers and accidents that harm the river.

Training for the Eyes & Ears Network typically occurs in early-June. For more information or to sign up for a training, contact the CRC River Steward who lives near you. Our volunteers have identified illegal tire dumps, plumes of dirt pouring into the river, and other bad things all around the watershed.


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Have you ever seen an unopened container in or near the river? If so, call the river steward in your area, but do not touch it!


Have you seen unexplained scum floating on the river that causes staining on your canoe or kayak? Collect a sample and call the river steward in your area.


Have you seen construction work without proper erosion control in place? Take a picture and call the river steward in your area.

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Have you come across a trash dump site? Report it to us and we’ll do our best to get it cleaned up.

These were all situations called into CRC river stewards over the past few years. Thanks to diligent volunteers like you, CRC addressed these situations and helped protect our rivers.