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About this activity:

  • Stream observation

  • Species identification

  • Recurring activity April-June

  • 16 years and older

How to Register:

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  • Call our program manager at 413.772.2020 x207


River Herring in Tributaries of the Connecticut River

HerringPhotoBecome a community scientist! Help us collect data needed to learn more about river herring populations in tributaries of the Connecticut River.

What are volunteers doing?

Monitors throughout the watershed are monitoring a selected run between April 1st and June 30th looking for the presence of river herring in the water and estimating relative abundance then reporting the data. Check the list of streams below to see if you live or work near a priority stream. It’s a good reason to take a walk by the water once or twice a week during a beautiful time of the year! Contact us to learn more or volunteer (


There has been significant progress in reconnecting habitat for river herring in the Connecticut basin over the last decade, with important runs opened by dam removals and the installation of fish passage. Despite this initial progress, populations remain in decline. We have too little information about the status of river herring following the loss of a robust monitoring program due to budget cuts and staff reductions in the Inland Fisheries Division of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

The goals of this project are two-fold. First, to educate the general public about river herring and its status in the Connecticut River. Second, to recruit and train volunteers to become citizen scientists to help CRC, CT DEEP and the US Fish and Wildlife Service get better data that will help with restoration efforts.

River Herring Sightings During Migration Seasons 2021-2022

USFWS Migratory Fish Report

Reported by Ken Sprankle, August 18, 2022

History Fish Counts HERE

What geographic area does the program cover?

The following is a list of priority streams. However, it is by no means a complete list of potential streams for monitoring. Please contact us if your local tributary is not on the list and you are interested in participating.

State Town River Latitude Longitude
CT Middletown Coginchaug 41.557337 -72.670964
CT Middletown Coginchaug, Star Mill 41.548759 -72.676515
CT Windsor Farmington River, John Welch Park 41.900269 -72.680822
CT Windsor Farmington River, Windsor Boat Ramp 41.857235 -72.640381
CT Haddam Higganum Creek 41.498822 -72.556921
CT East Hartford Hockanum 41.75546 -72.652499
CT Glastonbury Kenney Cove at causeway 41.71925 -72.626917
CT Glastonbury Kenney Cove: Pewterpot brook 41.736722 -72.629361
CT Glastonbury Kenney Cove: Porter Brook 41.730127 72.620012
CT Glastonbury Kenney Cove: Salmon Brook 41.718215 -72.61328
CT East Hampton Moodus River 41.493693 -72.466914
CT Chester Pattaconk 41.404296 -72.448443
CT East Hampton Pine Brook 41.510404 -72.496543
CT Glastonbury Roaring Brook 41.66523 -72.604205
CT Glastonbury Roaring Brook, Main St 41.666823 -72.607975
CT Lyme Salmon River, Below Leeseville Dam 41.516523 -72.482824
CT East Haddam Salmon River, Sunrise 41.505609 -72.484583
CT Lyme Salmon River, Under bridge 41.512204 -72.481436
CT Enfield Scantic 41.981981 -72.539907
CT Suffield Stony Brook 41.965004 -72.642027
CT Suffield Stony Brook 41.957039 -72.618788
CT Middletown Sumner Creek 41.555788 -72.644023
CT Wethersfield Wethersfield Cove Hanmer Street 41.722035 -72.654805
CT Wethersfield Wethersfield Cove South shore 41.721257 -72.656258
CT Wethersfield Wethersfield Cove, boat dock 41.724338 -72.654548
CT Wethersfield Wethersfield Cove, Folly Brook 41.725433 -72.653189

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2023 river herring surveys are cancelled due to lack of capacity.
If you’d like to register for the 2024 season, please contact us at or call 413.772.2020 x207.