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Kari Kastango


In October of 2023, Kari Kastango became the first person to swim the entire length of the Connecticut River.

Kari began her career as a research exercise physiologist (UMASS, Amherst ‘89, ‘92) which then led her to pursue a PhD in Biostatistics (PITT ‘06). With 19 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Kari currently works as a director of statistical operations at a clinical research organization. In 2016 Kari began an exploration into racism and her own white conditioning. She is committed to helping create and hold space so other white people can explore how racism and white conditioning has impacted their lives and the communities they belong to while continuing her own inquiry. Kari actively fulfills this commitment as a teaching assistant with the UNtraining organization. 

Kari balances these professional and personal commitments through physical pursuits that are meditative in nature. She has completed two ultra-distance triathlons and is the first person to swim the entire length of the 410-mile Connecticut River. Kari lives in South Hadley, MA with her wife, Alison Garvey, and their two cats.

Kari Kastango
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