Source to Sea Cleanup at Dump by Beth Pelton


Tire brigade, wrapping up
Chase Collegiate cleanup 2013

Every fall, the Connecticut River Watershed Council and thousands of volunteers head out to clean up our rivers in NH, VT, MA & CT as part of the annual Source to Sea River Cleanup. 2016 marks 20 years of cleaning up our rivers. We’re going to keep going until our rivers are as clean and sweet as your face (after using your new Whistler products, that is).

Tens of thousands of volunteers have cleaned up nearly 1,000 TONS of trash and debris since we started this work. And it is not just candy wrappers or plastic cups. Its junk cars, enough tires to stack over a mile high, shopping carts, furniture, and rusted barrels of who-knows-what. You name it, we’ve hauled it away. Thanks for supporting our work, our rivers, and helping make difference!

Are you lucky enough to live near the Connecticut River here in New England? Come join us on September 23 & 24, 2016 and be one of the thousands to make a difference.

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The Connecticut River Watershed Council has been working hard since 1952 to restore and protect New England’s longest river. We are a small organization that’s made a huge impact on this four-state, 11,000 square mile watershed. When our rivers were open sewers and treated like a garbage dump, our founders got together with a big, bold vision. A vision of pristine rivers full of native fish that swim past thriving cities, towns, farms, and forests. We aren’t there yet and know this takes time. We’re patient. And passionate. It will happen because we don’t give up. Not then, not now, not ever.


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