view of the Connecticut River

Thanks for your interest in the Connecticut River Conservancy! 


Since 1952, we’ve been working alongside many partners to preserve and protect the Connecticut River, all of its tributary rivers and streams, and the 11,000 square miles of land that water travels over before finding its way straight into this mighty river. 


In partnership with many others and through the support of people like you, CRC continues work to: 

  • Advocate for regulations that protect fish, keep trash out of our local rivers, and prevent spills of sewage and other chemicals that cause harm.  
  • Test water for bacteria and share our results to help people understand river cleanliness when recreating. 
  • Engage volunteers – hundreds every year – to monitor fish, remove invasive plants choking our waterways, and clean tons of trash from the river.  
  • Restore hundreds of miles of riverbanks and plant thousands of trees each year, partnering with local landowners and communities on the river.  
Trash found in the river spelling the word "help" across the ground

You can preserve and protect your local rivers!

Here are some ways we can work together for cleaner, healthier rivers: 

  • Join our email news community! Stay informed of issues impacting the health of our local rivers.
  • Volunteer! There are ways to volunteer all year long, across the four river states! Interested? Email for more information. 
  • Attend an event! We hold events all year long – in-person, digital and on the river. For more information on events happening in your community, please visit our events calendar.
  • Make a donation! 
River Steward Kathy Urffer poses with a heap of tires cleaned out the river - no thanks!
People jumpingoff a dock in to the Connecticut River
a voluntter removes a canoe-ful of invasive aquatic plants
Water Quality Program Manager Ryan O'Donnell collects a water sample