Site Name

HTCA pennisula on Bloody Brook

Entry Id






Name of body of water (river, stream, lake, etc.)

Bloody Brook

Name of the nearest road or crossroads

Heritage Lane and Beaver Meadow Road

Brief description of the trash site

This wooded site is relatively undisturbed and has accumulated quite a bit of debris over the years. It is approximately 200 x 300 sq feet bordered by an oxbow configuration of Bloody Brook which makes it a peninsula, perfect for catching trash during flood events. Although accessible by foot, the ground is uneven with many channels with high vegetation during the growing season. It is a favorite spot for Blue Herons either for nesting, fishing or both.

Type(s) of trash at the site

large plastic culvert, car tires, chunks of styrofoam, plastic pipe

Estimated number of volunteers this site needs for cleanup


Are boats or special equipment needed for cleanup? If so, explain


Is this site suitable for children under 12?

I'm not sure