Site Name

Windsor Private Boat Launch

Entry Id




Name of body of water (river, stream, lake, etc.)

Connecticut River

Name of the nearest road or crossroads

Route 159

Brief description of the trash site

This is a privately owned boat Launch kept open to the public by a generous man. Unfortunately, the property has become a dumping ground. The owner reports that he has removed truckloads of trash a year. This location should be maintained as a regular S2S cleanup site and offered as a good location for groups in the area who contact us looking for sites to clean up. CRC has a stake in helping to keep this area clean as it is a free launch for all craft and public access to the river and is a published access site for the Paddler's Trail.

Type(s) of trash at the site

General Trash and Dumped Items

Estimated number of volunteers this site needs for cleanup


Are boats or special equipment needed for cleanup? If so, explain


Is this site suitable for children under 12?

Yes, ok for children