Site Name

Brattleboro Fish and Game boat launch

Entry Id






Name of body of water (river, stream, lake, etc.)

Connecticut River

Name of the nearest road or crossroads

Old Ferry Road (off of Putney Road - Rte 5)

Brief description of the trash site

This parcel is owned by the State of VT and is a VT Fish and Wildlife boat launch area. Mostly forested. Probably could be cleaned up by a small team of 3. Fine for kids. Could launch canoes or kayaks if someone wants to check the shoreline north or south. Just some litter at the site and surrounding woods.

Type(s) of trash at the site


Estimated number of volunteers this site needs for cleanup


Are boats or special equipment needed for cleanup? If so, explain

nope, but canoe/kayaks or motorboat could be launched to check shore along river

Is this site suitable for children under 12?

Yes, ok for children