Site Name

Lake Pleasant Road

Entry Id






Name of body of water (river, stream, lake, etc.)

Lake Pleasant

Name of the nearest road or crossroads

Millers Falls Road

Brief description of the trash site

This road winds between the Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area and land owned by the Town Water Department to protect their nearby reservoirs. While you won't be able to see the water from here, it's important conservation land that could use your strong muscles and heart. Debris can be dropped off at the Montague Transfer Station or alternate arrangements made for pickup through the Greater Gill-Montague/Franklin County Rivers Cleanup Team.

Type(s) of trash at the site

Heavy Litter, sometimes household dumping

Estimated number of volunteers this site needs for cleanup


Are boats or special equipment needed for cleanup? If so, explain


Is this site suitable for children under 12?

Yes, ok for children