Site Name

The Meadows

Entry Id






Name of body of water (river, stream, lake, etc.)

On Connecticut River near Magnolia Pond

Name of the nearest road or crossroads

Near end of Hockanum Rd.

Brief description of the trash site

Small parking area off a dirt road in the Meadows. The spot is a little hard to get to due to erosion of road and some pot holes. Stay on Hockanum Rd. as long as possible, then follow the road toward the right. Drive about a quarter mile and look for a small parking area on the left. The cleanup spot is by the river, about 25 yards in front of parking area. The area is also accessible by boat. It seems to be a popular outdoor party spot, a place where people sit by the water and drink alcohol, sometimes by an illegal fire.

Type(s) of trash at the site

Lots of litter (plastic bottles, straws, packaging, glass bottles (many broken), aluminum bottles/cans, nip bottles), at least 5 bags of trash dumped illegally, many wooden pallets dumped illegally for purpose of using as firewood

Estimated number of volunteers this site needs for cleanup


Are boats or special equipment needed for cleanup? If so, explain

Maybe a sharps container for broken glass

Is this site suitable for children under 12?

No, adults only