Greenfield, MA / Somers, CT – The Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC) is pleased to recognize the Antonacci Family for their generous support of the Connecticut River through a multi-year donation. The Antonacci family owns and operates multiple recycling and waste management companies providing commercial and residential services in Massachusetts and Connecticut—All American Waste, LLC; USA Hauling & Recycling; and USA Waste & Recycling.

The Antonacci Family began supporting CRC efforts for cleaner rivers in 2013. The companies have since become regular sponsors of the CRC’s Source to Sea Cleanup. Employees volunteer for the annual Cleanup, removing trash from in and along our rivers. Now, the family and the companies are pleased to extend their support beyond the Cleanup to CRC’s year-round advocacy and program efforts to keep our rivers clean and healthy.

“Our company and employees are proud to help keep our communities clean and healthy. Employee teams have been involved with the clean up the past few years,” explains Mr. Frank M. Antonacci. “CRC’s work aligns well with our companies’ missions and family’s values, so we are excited to continue supporting the organization and to help them be more successful, particularly with their trash and plastics advocacy and the efforts to clean-up the rivers.”

The Antonacci Family are life-long residents of the Connecticut River watershed. Mr. Antonacci says: “From my days growing up on the Scantic River in Somers, CT and from my vantage point as an employer, I have a great appreciation for the importance of healthy rivers. Our employees enjoy clean rivers for paddling and boating. Our children enjoy swimming and fishing. And I agree with what CRC says: Healthy rivers support healthy communities and healthy economies. We don’t take it for granted.”

CRC Executive Director Andrew Fisk acknowledges the generosity of the Antonacci family: “Frank and his family are wonderful supporters of our work and our rivers. As an organization, CRC is focusing more attention on policies addressing trash and plastics at their source. Our members and friends have been doing the Source to Sea Cleanup for over twenty years. It’s clear we need to address the source of the trash if we are going to get to a place where we’re no longer in the business of hauling tons of trash out of our rivers. Communities and states are debating steps like single use plastic bag bans, and we are excited for what this can mean for the health and safety of our rivers.”

Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC) is the voice for the Connecticut River watershed, from source to sea. They collaborate with partners across four states to protect and advocate for your rivers and educate and engage communities. CRC brings people together to prevent pollution, improve habitat, and promote enjoyment of your river and its tributary streams. Healthy rivers support healthy economies.

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The Antonacci Family owns and operates a third-generation waste management company. Through the Antonacci Family Foundation for Charitable Giving, the family also supports local causes such as the environment, schools, food pantries and healthcare. The Antonacci Family Foundation is committed to improving the communities in which they and their employees work and live.