The Journey

In 1959, CRWC chairman Dr. Davidson traveled the Connecticut River to highlight the problem of river pollution. During the summer of 2017, CRC director Andrew Fisk repeated Davidson’s journey. This time, the focus was on the many ways people recreate on our rivers, all that’s been accomplished, and what’s left to be done.

The Jump In Journey began on July 16th at the river’s source and ended in Long Island Sound on July 30th. Andy navigated the river in a wide variety of ways including by canoe, kayak, motor boat, dragon boat, shell/scull, handmade boat, swimming, scuba diving, water skiing & more!

To top it off, we hosted JUMP IN SPLASH MOBS along the way! We invited folks to jump in the river together at “flash mob” style Splash Mobs in all four river states. This was a fun way to remind people that our rivers have come a long way and that we need to continue working together to keep them clean & healthy.


gas masks

The 2017 Route

The epic journey brought attention to our rivers at various stops along the way. See below for news coverage of the events!

Sunday, July 16
Hike to 4th Connecticut Lake, Launch Journey
Pittsburg, NH

Monday, July 17 – Wednesday, July 19
Canaan, VT to Lancaster, NH

Thursday, July 20
Pontoon Trip with Kendal Residents
Hanover, NH

Friday, July 21
River Parade & Community Paddle
Lyme, NH / Thetford, VT

>> Listen to coverage on NHPR: From ‘Sewer’ to Beautiful: Paddling 400 Miles on New England’s Longest River

Saturday, July 22
Float with the Kennetticut River Pigs
Cornish to Claremont, NH

Saturday, July 22
Reception at Windsor Welcome Center
Windsor, VT

Sunday, July 23
Scuba Diving
Brattleboro, VT

Sunday, July 23
Riverboat Cruise
Northfield, MA

>> Greenfield Recorder: Presentation discusses Native American relationship with CT River

Monday, July 24
Honor David Deen’s Retirement with CRC
Whetstone Station, Brattleboro, VT

>> Brattleboro Reformer: River steward: protection is ‘everyone’s effort’

Tuesday, July 25
Watch Andy & Monte Belmonte Waterski with the Oxbow Water Ski Show Team
Northampton, MA

>> WRSI, The River: Can Monte Ski?

>> CRC Facebook page: Oxbow Water Skiing — drone footage!

Wednesday, July 26
Watch a Dragon Boat Race
Northampton, MA

>> 22 News: CT River Conservancy celebrates 65 years with dragon boat race

>> Daily Hampshire Gazette: Down the river: A source-to-sea journey

Thursday, July 27
Rowing Flotilla
Holyoke to Springfield, MA

Friday, July 28
Air Boating with Conte Refuge
Enfield & Hartford, CT

Friday, July 28
American Heritage River Commission Paddle & Picnic
East Windsor, CT

Saturday, July 29
Connecticut River Raft Race
Portland, CT

Saturday, July 29
Bass Fishing
Haddam, CT

Sunday, July 30
Kayak & Pizza Party
Haddam, CT

Sunday, July 30
Sail to the Sound on the Onrust with Connecticut River Museum
Essex, CT

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