Quest 2018: A River Adventure

Thank you for participating in Quest2018! Our 2-month summer adventure has come to a close after many river miles of paddling, swimming, exploring and even cooking cattails!

And the winners are …
1st Place: Ryan Lamontagne
2nd Place: Alexandra Sprague
3rd Place TIE: Peter Scott and Peter Bergstrom

Thank you to our sponsors for their fabulous PRIZES:

  • GRAND PRIZE is a two-night stay at Riverwind Inn, Deep River, CT a quintessential bed and breakfast in the heart of the watershed. Includes two gourmet breakfasts!
  • 2nd PrizeHalf-day guided float trip for two with Zoar Outdoor, Charlemont, MA.
  • 3rd Prize: Admission for two to the The Adventure Park at Storrs, CT.

All Questers will receive a 10% discount at the CRC store! Look for an email with your discount code when Quest2018 ends.

History of Quest

In 2017, while CRC celebrated 65 years of working for our rivers, we created a challenge-game to highlight all the wonderful things that our rivers offer us. To that end, we created Quest65, an interactive smartphone-based scavenger hunt that invited participants to explore the entire length of our great watershed.

Quest2018  is a river adventure with your health and well-being in mind. We created a unique set of clues to get you moving and grooving in and around your rivers. Questers earn points by taking a selfie at each adventure along the way.

Hope to see you Questing next year!


Cattail Habitat
Photo by Ryan Lamontagne
Erosion Explosion
Photo by Peter Scott


It’s Sanctuary
Photo by Alexandra Sprague
Erosion Explosion
Photo by Peter Bergstrom