The River That Connects Us
A poster map of the Connecticut River Valley
by CRC and the National Park Service

This beautiful 18″ x 24″ display map is a companion to the historic resources inventory prepared for the National Park Service. Hand-illustrated drawings by artist Sarah Lauterbach feature the main historic, cultural, geological and recreational sites of the valley, surrounded by 46 separate images of the wildlife and plants found throughout the watershed. The back features an essay by author and architectural historian Richard Ewald describing the River’s vital role in the settlement of the valley and the interplay between the natural and built environment. A summary of significant facts about the River and its watershed is also provided.

©1997 Connecticut River Watershed Council, Inc.
18″ x 24″ printed both sides on poster stock
$10.00 + tax (CT, MA, VT only). Shipping & Handling included to US addresses.