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River Day at Macdonough Elementary School

elementary students gather around a groundwater demonstration

Connecticut River Conservancy recently participated in a Middletown River Day at Macdonough Elementary School in Middletown, CT!

elementary students playing a game related to fishing

We partnered with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to bring activities to teach over 200 K-5 students about river health, pollution, and wildlife.

CRC's River Steward for CT, Rhea Drozdenko used the Enviroscape to showcase different sources of pollution and how they end up in our waterways. Thanks to Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) for the Enviroscape borrow! Ava Gandhi and Gabby Gulino ran a game of "Runoff Tag," designed by a student from Wesleyan University. The kids learned about different types of wildlife found in the Connecticut River, and how trees protect our waterways from pollution and provide habitat for animals. USFWS staff organized several activities centered around fish - teaching kids how to fish, and how fish ladders work.

elementary students doing a relay race related to rivers

Many Macdonough students have been learning about the Connecticut River and about pollution lately - so it was great to be able to connect these activities with the things they're learning in the classrooms, as well as teach them about some new things - like Dwarf Wedge Mussels.

Our Education and Community Engagement work is supported by the Robert F. Schumann Foundation, the Community Foundation of Middlesex County, and the Raymond and Pauline Larson Foundation. Thank you!

elementary students doing a relay race related to rivers


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