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girl with poem

River of Words Along the Connecticut River

River of Words along the Connecticut River is a place-based education program integrating science, literacy and the arts. We work with young people and educators along the Connecticut River to promote environmental awareness through school programs, teacher workshops and community-based projects. Check out Projects, Lessons and Resources to see how we are making a difference. Project Gallery See how kids connect to rivers Lessons Find K-12 lesson plans Integrating science, literacy and the arts Learn More Resources Learn from poets, artists & science educators Link to local programs & teaching tips Learn More What an amazing body of work from the children!  I thought each piece, whether a picture or words, revealed such insight and detail about our community and environment. They, collectively, gave me a new appreciation for this place we call our home. Thank you for all the work you did in getting this project all together. Program Coordinator Carol Berner has over 20 years’ experience teaching students of all ages; designing inquiry-based interdisciplinary curriculum; and facilitating collaborative professional development. Since 2004, Carol has been teaching at Smith College and Antioch University New England. Prior to that, she served on the graduate faculty of Bank Street College of Education and taught elementary school for 12 years in New York City and Connecticut. As Regional Coordinator for River of Words along the Connecticut River, Carol works with schools and community organizations to develop place-based education initiatives integrating poetry, art and environmental awareness.

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