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Vernal, by 2nd grader, Ryan Road School, Florence, MA

On a guided nature walk in the Sawmill Hills forest near their school in Florence, MA, second graders learned to collect and record sensory observations. Back in the classroom they shared their field notes and sketches, composed poems and painted pictures.

View the presentation (10 slides) integrating photographs, watercolor paintings and poetry: Vernal Pool Art & Poetry Presentation

 For lesson plan, handouts and student work samples, click here: Vernal Pool Poetry.

At the vernal pool 
I see a blue spotted salamander 
I hear loud birds 
I smell fresh air fresh green leaves 
I feel smushy moss 
I see scaly pillbugs 
I see some leafy plants 
I see some bugs crawling 
I see some water moving 
At the vernal pool. 

by Hannah, Grade 2, Ryan Road School, Florence, MA