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Bridging Communities: How Does the River Connect Us?

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Project Description

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Bridging Communities: How Does the River Connect Us?

Visit the online exhibit of poetry and artwork celebrating a yearlong project connecting two river communities.

Purchase the notecard collection of ten 4×5″ full-color paintings and poems highlighting children’s creative perspectives on their Connecticut River towns from the CRC Shop.  

About the project:

Elementary school students from Gill and Montague, MA exchanged paintings and poems across the river, highlighting what they like best about their towns, from cows to canals, farms to factories, and birds to bridges.  Poetry is inspired by George Ella Lyons and her poem, “I am From.”  

“[The project] enriched our students and strengthened our communities.  The poetry was heartfelt and reflected the differences in our towns.  The artwork was student-centered and exquisite. Together, they depicted such a raw view of our community telling a story that only students can tell.”
Kathleen Adams, Principal, Gill Elementary School

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