Project Description

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Children’s artwork and poetry highlight the history and vitality of their river town. Take a tour of Turners Falls through the colorful pages of this whimsical booklet and discover intriguing facts about the town’s industry, culture and wildlife.

A Children’s Guide to Turners Falls

The 28-page full-color booklet is available for $5.00 from the CRC Store.  Order Here.

Created by the children of Gill-Montague Elementary Schools, working with Nancy Meagher in Art classes and Carol Berner in Poetry Workshops.

Concept, design and historical narratives created by Rose Underhill and Kerry Ditson as a culminating project for Engaging with the Community:  Children, Art and the Environment taught by Professor Annaliese Bischoff, Commonwealth Honors College, UMASS Amherst

Many thanks to the Town of Montague for their support which made printing this book possible.