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Photo of kayakers
Photo by Craig Norton

What is a Source to Sea Journey?

The Connecticut River stretches over 410 miles from the Canadian border to the Long Island Sound and travels through many habitats and landscapes. This journey captures the history of New England as you travel between remote forests, through historic mill towns, in vast salt marshes, around dams and through large industrial cities.

Beginning in the early 1990’s, the Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail and its partners began establishing access points and campsites in the Vermont/New Hampshire section of the river. CRC is continuing this work today, partnering with many organizations—including the Vermont Rivers Conservancy & Appalachian Mountain Club—to extend these options over the length of the river. Our goal is to ensure there is a campsite every 5 miles along this epic waterway. We are indebted to the pioneers whose vision included making the river accessible to all.

We want to honor anyone who chooses to journey down this great river regardless of the method of traveling the river, including paddling, rowing, swimming and any other ideas you come up with!

Story-Telling, Recognition and Feedback

CRC acknowledges and honors all travelers who successfully complete the 410-mile Connecticut River. If you have completed your own source-to-sea journey, we want to hear from you! Share your story and give us feedback about the trail and we will honor you with a listing on our website (see below), a certificate, and Source-to-Sea Paddler boat sticker to celebrate your achievement. We invite you to register your journey with us by completing the Recognition Application.

Please review the list below to see who has made this incredible journey. Those who completed the Trail in one season are listed as “Through-Journey” paddlers. Those who completed the Trail in two or more seasons are called “Section-Journey” paddlers. Each person’s name is linked to their story or external blog. We hope you enjoy reading these stories and consider adding your own when you have completed the trail!

Congratulations to all of our Source to Sea Adventurers!

If you’d like to see YOUR name on this list, please complete the Recognition Application and tell us your story!