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Does your town have a dirty litter secret?

Trash Report Form

  • Have you walked along a river or stream bank recently and found discarded cans and plastic bottles, fast food containers or other trash spoiling a beautiful natural place? If so, you can do something about it. In the last few years, several cases of ongoing pollution have been stopped thanks to reports from concerned residents of the watershed. And some decades-old violations have been brought to the attention of local authorities.

    We will inform local volunteer groups and Source to Sea Cleanup groups about reported trash sites. By helping us to identify sites early, you have taken a really important step toward a clean and healthy river. Thank you for taking the time to report a site in need of help!
  • Site Information

    Please provide clear and complete directions to the trash site.
  • Drag this pin to your trash site on the map. Please be as accurate as possible. Zoom in as needed. Once you've placed your pin, it will automatically fill in the latitude/longitude below. This information is very important because it helps us find the exact location you are reporting.
  • Is it forested, marshy, on a steep bank? Is it visible or accessible only from the road, only from the water or both? Help us understand what this site is like.
  • Additional photos can be emailed to Mention this trash report when emailing photos.
  • Cleanup Information

  • Give us a ballpark idea. Could 2 people handle it, does it need 20, or more?
  • Sites suitable for children include those that are relatively safe. No steep banks or sharp, dangerous trash items.
  • About You

    We may follow up if we have additional questions, need help finding this trash site, or to see if the trash is still there. We will never share your information without your permission.
  • Thank you for helping to keep our rivers cleaner.

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