Join CRC’s 22nd Annual Source to Sea Cleanup on September 28 & 29, 2018.

The Source to Sea Cleanup is made up of over 100 local cleanup groups across all four states of the Connecticut River basin. Pins on this map show where Cleanup Groups have registered for 2018.  If pins are clustered closely, use the zoom control to separate them.

  • Green pins are groups that are open to additional volunteers. Please feel free to join them!
  • Red pins are groups that are closed to additional volunteers. Please join closed groups only if you are already associated with that group.

Click the name of each group to be taken to a page with more details about where and when that group will meet. Contact the group leader with any questions.

Can’t find an open group in your area? The map will be regularly updated as new groups register. Check back each week leading up to the cleanup. Or, consider starting a group in your area.

View the Group Map

How To Be a Super-Volunteer

  • All groups track trash as an important part of the Cleanup. Your group leader may assign participants to record data or separate recyclables.
  • Take photos and submit them in CRC’s Cleanup Photo Contest.
  • We are looking for volunteers to help us scout sites ahead of this year’s Cleanup. You can do this near where you live. Contact
  • Anyone at any time can report a trash site. Suggestions of sites in need of cleaning help us guide groups to a good cleanup site if they don’t have one.
  • Spread the word: tell your friends or help hang event fliers in your town.
  • There may be roles for volunteers before the Cleanup. Contact your local group leader to get more involved.
  • Sign up for CRC emails to stay up-to-date on the cleanup and other Connecticut River news.

If you have any questions or have limited computer access and need assistance, please contact Stacey Lennard, Cleanup Coordinator at or 413-772-2020 x211.

Thanks for helping to keep our rivers clean!