Floods happen and rivers move. It’s natural! In that process, riverbanks can erode, polluting our rivers with too much soil. Sometimes, rivers will drastically change course putting homes, roads, and other infrastructure at risk. CRC works with many partners to restore our rivers to more stable, natural conditions. That means removing obstacles like defunct dams and undersized culverts that make flooding worse. It means planting thousands of trees to restore and stabilize our riverbanks. This work keeps our rivers cleaner, cooler, provides wildlife habitat, and makes our rivers safer for recreation.

Since 2013, CRC has invested $1,035,656 to restore our rivers. Here are a few of the restoration projects.

Green River, Guilford, VT

When the flood waters of tropical storm Irene receded, the Green River was left flowing in a new location. The new river channel caused a home to be cut off and abandoned. In coordination with the landowner, the Town of Guilford, and state and federal agencies, CRC cleaned up the abandoned home and tons of trash, rebuilt the river bank with root wads and vegetation, and made changes to the river that made it less damaging to roads and bridges and become good fish habitat again.  This land will soon be placed into a conservation easement to be protected into the future. Thanks to our partners: Scapes Builders and Excavation, SWCA Environmental Consultants, and Fitzgerald Environmental Associates. Thanks to our funders: CRC members, VT DEC Ecosystem Restoration Program, and NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

Waits River, Bradford, VT

The riverbank along the Bradford Golf Course was eroding and washing away downstream. CRC and project partners inserted 16 root wads and other large woody debris into the streambank to prevent erosion and create fish habitat. More than 500 native trees and shrubs were planted to stabilize the streambank, providing shade to keep the river cooler for fish, and offering habitat and food for wildlife.

“Thank you for the very professional level of service and expertise. It was a pleasure working with you. The resulting project looks terrific. It was exciting to see the fish had already found the slower moving water!” Randy Odell, President, Bradford Golf Club, Inc.

Chickley River? 

What other projects should be listed here? Currently, the Chickly River is on the “Keeping Watch…” page but would be a better fit here.