PaddlersTrailLogoEver since John Ledyard dropped out of Dartmouth College in 1772 and paddled the Connecticut River with a dugout canoe of his own making, paddlers have been taking what is one of New England’s iconic journeys.

Yet, despite being one of New England’s epic trips, there is not a fully developed trail with access points and camping locations for the whole length of the river. And there should be.

CRC is working with many partners, including the Vermont Rivers Conservancy & Appalachian Mountain Club to expand the Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail from its existing locations in Vermont and New Hampshire to the entire length of the river.

Are YOU interested in taking this epic journey? Visit the Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail to plan your trip and visit the CRC store if you need to Monkman_report-crop-wget a copy of the NH/VT Paddlers’ Trail map, our Boating Guide or other resources!

CT River Paddlers’ Trail


Have you ALREADY completed this journey? If so, congratulations! Visit the Paddlers’ Recognition page to be recognized for your hard work and share your story.

Paddlers’ Recognition