If we could fit what we do on a business card, we would. We can’t. Sewage discharge, endangered mussels, nuclear plant effluent, invasive plants, fish passage, land preservation, urban parks, river access, hydro-plant licensing, biodiversity, public education, water quality testing, habitat restoration, toxic spills, river cleanups, municipal water permits—we work on all these issues. Be assured, our work is always linked to protecting this great river and its tributaries.

We are unique in our purview. No other agency—state, federal, nonprofit, or private—has the broad responsibilities, diversity of mission and independent voice of CRC. Though it may not appear glamorous, our day-to-day work stretches from the Canadian border to the tides of Long Island Sound and helps preserve an amazing natural heritage for future generations. Without CRC, critical elements of preservation might be lost across state lines, damaged by ill-suited development, or stymied by political whims and short-sighted industrial practices.