This year Annual Meeting is coming to YOU. Join us online!

What have you helped accomplish for your rivers? What’s in store for the future of your rivers and for CRC?

Join us for a short, sweet and LIVELY online forum to share our collective visions for our rivers:

  • WELCOME – CRC Director, Andrew Fisk, speaks about envisioning the future of our rivers.
  • RIVER RELAY – a visual peek into the work of CRC and all that YOU have helped make possible.
  • VOLUNTEER SHOUT-OUT – we couldn’t do any of this without the sweat equity of our tireless volunteers.
  • BUD FOSTER AWARD – This year we honor our rivers’ frontline workers (shh, it’s a surprise – announcement at the meeting!)
  • CRC FINANCIAL SNAPSHOT – your dollars at work for our rivers.

We welcome you, CRC members, partners, and fellow river-friends to join us to celebrate the nationally-recognized Connecticut River and those who help protect it.

Bring your own snacks!

Some of the chit-chat shared at the meeting today:
What excites you about our rivers and how do you engage with them?

From LA: Kayaking!!
From MT: I love how dynamic our rivers are–always changing and always new.
From JC: Kayaking and Birdwatching on the River
From RR: fishing!!
From HG: Aquatic connectivity for fish and aquatic organisms!
From GP: We virtually live on it and love watching it everyday in all its phases.
From MV: I interact with the river for peaceful times, paddles, a connection to the history of the land, and for spiritual connection.
From CB: swimming when it’s hot outdoors
From DD: fishing, birding, mitigation activities through TU
From AC: Hello from Springfield, MA! I love the river for a quick way to get away from the hustle & bustle and back to nature. Ahhhh……
From GP: we also paddle on it and swim in it.
From DD: I love soaking in (pun intended) the natural beauty and energy of our rivers!
From FG: the trees that shade and cool the river … and me while i eat my lunch along the river during today’s annual meeting …
From DM: Canoeing!
From R: Kayaking, swimming, walking along and just relaxing along the River. Most frequent areas used are lower Ct valley and upper valley VT/NH.
From JS: The sweet smell of dead shad every June and the eagles skimming the surface for a snack.
AB: Watching the awesome interaction between the water and the wildlife
From GP: wish we could have voted for more than one!
From KU: Watching baby fish in the shallows.
From KM: Seeing all the dragonflies!
From GP: our 2nd choice would have been water quality monitoring
From BD: I am sold by Andy’s vision
From LA: I appreciate your vision of environmental equity and its importance.
From MV: The river can connect back to the indigenous peoples who lived in harmony with nature and how we can live that way now.
From JS: I’d love to see the Kwinitekw integrated into our schools’ curricula.
From CB: That the river and it’s tributaries are clean and healthy for everyone in the watershed can enjoy it’s beauty.
From MO: It’s visionary to continue adapting to a changing climate and protecting the river and its critters 🙂

Friday, June 26, 2020

Virtual event

Couldn’t make it to the live event?
View the recording below.