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Winding river surrounded by farms with mountains in the background. Deerfield Valley MA, Connecticut River, by Al Braden.

Photo courtesy of Al Braden

More Ways to Give

Connecticut River Conservancy offers diverse ways to support our mission. From online and mail donations to IRA contributions or legacy gifts, we are happy to meet our donors where you are. See below for giving options, or contact us for any questions.

For questions or support, please contact

Charitable IRA Rollover

If you’re over 70, Charitable IRA Rollovers, otherwise known as Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs), can be a tax-smart way to put your IRAs to work for causes you cherish like the Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC).


In most cases, distributions from a traditional Individual Retirement Account are taxable in the year the account owner receives them. However, a QCD is a nontaxable distribution made directly by the trustee of an IRA to an eligible charitable organization like CRC. Taxpayers who make a QCD must be at least 70-1/2 years old on the day of the distribution. 


A QCD also will count toward a Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) which must be taken each year following the year in which IRA holders turn 72. Such qualified charitable distributions may keep a donor out of a higher tax bracket and at the least avoids paying income tax on the amount up to $100,000 annually.

Closeup of water droplet on a river with pink and orange sunset colors, and a dark silhouette of trees in the background.

Even if you don’t itemize, you can take advantage of this option to do more for causes you care about like Connecticut River Conservancy.

Please click here to download Frequently Asked Questions as well as letter templates you can use to:

a) Ask your IRA custodian to make a tax-exempt distribution to the Connecticut River Conservancy this fall; and

b) Let CRC know you're making a gift from your IRA as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD).

To learn more about gifts from your IRAs, please email me at I’d be delighted to help.


Read more about Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) at

Legacy Gifts

Mountain Laurel Connecticut River Watershed

Many donors find including a charitable gift to CRC in their estate plan is an effective and satisfying way to ensure a lasting impact while fulfilling their financial goals and providing for loved ones. In many cases, planned gifts can provide immediate and/or future tax benefits. 


Two of the easiest examples of planned gifts are bequest arrangements and beneficiary designations.


A gift in your will or living trust, known as a bequest, can be a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder after all other obligations are met. See sample bequest language here.

Beneficiary Designations 

Non-probate assets are not covered in your will or trust and instead require you to name beneficiaries. These assets include bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, donor advised funds, or life-insurance policies. 

It is very simple to name Connecticut River Conservancy as a beneficiary. Start by requesting a change-of-beneficiary form from your policy administrator or download the form from your provider's website. Make your desired changes and return the form to establish your gift. 


Please note: Though doing business as Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC) since 2018, CRC maintains its legal name, Connecticut River Watershed Council, Inc. and all planned gifts must reference that legal name. Existing bequests or other planned gifts which list Connecticut River Watershed Council, Inc. are correct and need not be revised. 

Bank Account, Certificate of Deposit, or Brokerage Account Designations 

Designating Connecticut River Conservancy as beneficiary of your bank accounts, certificates of deposit or brokerage accounts is a simple and straightforward way to support our work. Click here for more details on the two options for making this kind of gift to CRC.

Long River Society  

Have you already named CRC in your will or designated CRC as a beneficiary of a nonprobate asset? Please let us know so we can ensure that your gift is used according to your wishes. Notifying us of your plans will enable us to plan for the use of your future gift. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we will keep your name and gift in strict confidence.  


For more information or to discuss other options for including CRC in your plans, please contact Brett Morrison, Director of Development, at 413-772-2020, ext. 218 or bmorrison at


The planned giving information presented on this website is not offered as legal or tax advice. We encourage prospective donors to consult with their estate planning attorney, financial advisor, accountant, or other appropriate professional before making any material decisions based on information provided through this website, printed materials, or other sources.  


Businesses large and small contribute funding, marketing assistance, supplies, employee time and more to help restore and protect our region’s rivers. You can play your part in protecting the Connecticut River and its watershed while receiving recognition for your commitment to the environment.

CRC’s largest annual events are the New England Paddlesports Championship (NEPC), and the Source to Sea Cleanup, a coordinated cleanup of the rivers, streams and banks that make up the Connecticut River system.

These events are popular with CRC's audience, and with the press, appearing in local and regional newspapers regularly. They also attract radio and television coverage plus online exposure through social media, newsletters, and partner networks.


The Source to Sea Cleanup will be in its 28th consecutive year in 2024, where over 1,000 volunteers from more than 100 groups in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut will remove tons of trash from the river. You can help ensure these volunteers have the support and supplies needed for a safe and successful cleanup.


We can also work with you to develop sponsorships that meet your company’s particular interests and help to fulfill CRC’s mission.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact Brett Morrison, Director of Development, at 413-772-2020, ext. 218 or bmorrison - at -

Workplace Giving

Group of people standing under a sign at a park entrance. Source to Sea Cleanup on the Connecticut River with staff from Eversource.

You can support CRC through your workplace. Pull together an employee group to participate in the Source to Sea Cleanup, ask your employer to match your contribution, or designate CRC as a beneficiary in your workplace campaign.

Matching Gifts

Many businesses have their own workplace giving or matching gift programs by which employees can designate a payroll deduction amount to go to the non-profit of their choice or have their donation to a non-profit matched by their employer.

You may be able to have your gift matched by asking your employer. Please contact your company’s personnel department to find out whether your employer has such a program. Companies contributing to CRC as part of an employer match include Aetna, Ensign Bickford, Inc., IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Pfizer, Travelers, United Health Group, and United Technologies.

Employee Group Projects

A wide range of businesses participate in the annual Source to Sea Cleanup. For more information about the Cleanup and how your company can help, contact Brett Morrison, Director of Development, at bmorrison - at - or 413-772-2020, ext. 218. Groups participating in recent years include All American Waste, Athletic Brewing Company, Eversource, Greenfield Savings Bank, Hypertherm HOPE Foundation, King Arthur Flour, Prentiss Smith & Co. Walmart-Northampton, MA, and many others.

Connecticut River Conservancy is a member of EarthShare New England and 1% For the Planet.

Another easy and effective way to support the work of Connecticut River Conservancy is by pledging an automatic payroll deduction from each paycheck. Through our partnerships with EarthShare New England and 1% For the Planet, employees at hundreds of public and private organizations can donate through payroll contributions. Find out if your employer has a workplace giving campaign that includes EarthShare here.

If you are interested in starting an employee engagement program that involves EarthShare New England at your employer, please contact Nicole Reigle, Assistant Director of Development, at nreigle - at - or 413-772-2020, ext. 221

Member of EarthShare New England logo
1% for the Planet logo

Giving as a Federal Employee

As a member of EarthShare New England, Connecticut River Conservancy participates annually in the largest workplace giving campaign in the nation – the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) for employees of the federal government and the U.S. military. If you are a federal government or military employee and would like to give to Connecticut River Conservancy through the CFC, please enter CFC code #68414 on your pledge card during the next fund drive.

Giving as a Public Sector Employee

State of Massachusetts employees, including University of Massachusetts Amherst employees, can donate to the Connecticut River Conservancy with UMACC code #104777. More information can be found here: UMACC.

State of Connecticut employees can donate to Connecticut River Conservancy with CSEC code # 8614. Click here for more info.

Giving Through Your United Way Campaign

If your company offers a United Way campaign and EarthShare New England is not listed in your company’s annual giving campaign brochure, you may still donate to EarthShare New England and any of its member organizations by writing the name of the organization in a “donor choice” option. Many campaigns allow you to write in the name of any eligible, tax-exempt charity that has 501(c)(3) designation by the IRS. EarthShare runs successfully side-by-side with United Way in hundreds of campaigns across the country.

If you are interested in starting a campaign in your business, please contact Nicole Reigle, Assistant Director of Development, at or 413-772-2020, ext. 221 or nreigle - at -

Facebook fundraiser.png

Got a birthday or special occasion coming up? Would you rather support the nonprofits you love rather than getting more things you don't need?


Facebook fundraisers are a wonderful way to honor your special day while gathering donations from friends and family on social media.

If you have a Facebook account, here's what you can do:

  • Visit our Facebook account here.

  • Click "fundraisers" at the top (use the magnifying glass to search for "fundraisers" if you don't see it right away.

  • Select "raise money" or "create a fundraiser" on the top right.

  • Customize your fundraiser and select Connect River Conservancy as your nonprofit of choice. 


From there you can share the fundraiser with your friends and family! Thank you for making a lasting impact for clean water, healthy habitats, and resilient communities in this creative way!

Stock Donations

Gifts of appreciated stock often provide tax benefits to you, while allowing you to make more generous gifts to protect your rivers. Contact Nicole Reigle, Assistant Director of Development, for more information or gift transfer instructions. You may reach her at or 413-772-2020, ext. 221.

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