view of the Connecticut River

Thank you for your interest in the Connecticut River Conservancy!

The Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC) works to preserve and protect the Connecticut River and its tributary rivers and streams across 11,000 square miles.

Want to learn more? Wondering how you can help?

Here are a few of the ways you can get involved for rivers:

  • Make a donation! Everything CRC does relies on the support of individuals like you. Your gift will immediately go to work to remove dams, restore habitat, keep rivers open for boating and recreation, improve water quality, and more. Be a part of the work toward a future river again full of life.
  • Join our email news community! Stay informed about issues impacting the health of local waters and policy decisions that can change the river’s future.
  • Volunteer! There are ways to volunteer all year long, from home and across the four river states! Interested? Email for more information.
  • Tune-in or attend an event! CRC hold events all year long – in-person, digitally and on the water. For more information about upcoming events, please visit our events calendar.

Thank you!

River Steward Kathy Urffer poses with a heap of tires cleaned out the river - no thanks!
People jumpingoff a dock in to the Connecticut River
a voluntter removes a canoe-ful of invasive aquatic plants