Middletown, CT – On Saturday, August 29, the Connecticut River Watershed Council (CRC) will host Dr. Paul Spitzer, a renowned Osprey researcher, for a Fish Hawk Talk. The free event will be held at the Essex, CT Library Association from 1:30-2:30pm. For more information, contact CRC River Steward, Alicea Charamut at acharamut@ctriver.org or 860-704-0057.

Spitzer will discuss his work in the Connecticut River Estuary and focus on the relationship between Atlantic menhaden fish populations and Ospreys. Menhaden (commonly known as bunker) are a forage fish in the same family as herring and shad. Connecticut’s Long Island Sound (LIS) waters and the Connecticut River Estuary (CRE) are menhaden sanctuaries. For East Coast ecology and the Osprey, Menhaden restoration is the most important paradigm shift since the banning of DDT in 1972.

The Connecticut River Watershed Council works to protect the watershed from source to sea. As stewards of this heritage, we celebrate our four-state treasure and collaborate, educate, organize, restore and intervene to preserve its health for generations to come. Our work informs our vision of economic and ecological abundance. To learn more about CRC, or to join the effort and help protect our rivers, visit ctriver.org.