This year, CRWC is turning 65 and retiring our old name and logo to become the Connecticut River Conservancy.

While our name and look are changing, our mission will remain focused on protecting and advocating for our rivers and working toward a vision for our rivers that we all share. This vision is outlined in CRC’s new slogan: Clean water. Healthy habitat. Thriving communities.

Threats to our rivers remain urgent but are more diverse and present new challenges. In order to continue meeting these challenges to our rivers head on, we must evolve and grow. How we confront these challenges now will have repercussions for the next 65 years. This is a responsibility that the Connecticut River Conservancy takes seriously, just as we have for the past 65 years.

Our rivers won’t stay clean and full of life simply because we want them to. It will take all of us working together to preserve and protect them. If you care about the future of our rivers, we invite you to join us. Your rivers need you now more than ever.