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River of Words Celebration

River of Words co-founder Robert Hass honored by Carol Berner at Smith College Poetry Center On Friday October 20th, the Connecticut River

Art & Ecology at Hogback Mountain

Observing and painting bluets Hogback Field Day with Marlboro Elementary School, June 9th 2017 Facilitators & Authors: Jenny Ramstetter, Cathy Osman & Liza Mitrofanova,

Poetry at Paradise Pond

Poetry Writing at Paradise Pond 7th Grade Field Trip to Smith College April 20, 2013 by Carol Berner “What is it like to take

“Letting Swift River Go” Reading Resource

Letting Swift River Go by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Barbara Cooney, is the featured children's book in a new reading resource series from Hilltown Families. Letting Swift


Weathergrams at Hogback Mountain by Carol Berner   Mountains, dragonflies, owls and the color green were among topics that inspired writers ages 5 to 85