Ask Your River Steward – Summer 2019

How do I paddle long stretches of the Connecticut River, or even the whole river?

Every year we get this question from the adventurous among you who are looking to conquer long sections or maybe even the entire 410 miles of the Connecticut River. Luckily, there are some really great resources to help. First, we encourage you to visit There you will find information on access points, campsites, and portages. You can even see an interactive map, trip reports, and a discussion forum. Then, we invite you to visit CRC’s store, online at or at our Greenfield office during regular business hours. There you can purchase The Connecticut River Boating Guide: Source to Sea, the Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail map of NH and VT, and various laminated maps covering Vernon, VT through Hartford, CT.

For those of you who have already paddled the entire river – either in sections over time or all at once – we’d like to recognize you! Have your name listed on our website and receive a certificate and ‘Source to Sea Paddler’ boat sticker to celebrate your achievement. Submit your application at

Safe travels!