In 1952, when the Connecticut River Conservancy’s founders met in the historic Weldon Hotel in Greenfield, MA, their goal was to create an organization that would confront the river’s immense water pollution problems and embody what was then an innovative concept: watershed planning.

Today, CRC’s work depends on people like you who are willing to step up, contributing their time and financial resources to protect the Connecticut River and its 11,000 square mile watershed. We hope that membership in CRC provides you the satisfaction of helping improve our great river system. With your help, we can meet the goals CRC founders established and ensure the Connecticut River is a place of beauty and pride for many generations.

CRC History Timeline

Apr 12

Relaunch as CRC


CRWC evolves yet again to become the Connecticut River Conservancy to grow and better serve our rivers.

May 09

National Blueway

National Blueway

In 2012, the Connecticut River and watershed was named the nation’s first, and only, National Blueway. The program ended shortly after this designation.

Nov 09

4th River Steward

Ron Rhodes

CRWC staff expanded again to include a River Steward for the north country of Vermont and New Hampshire.

Mar 12

Water Quality Lab

1st water sample

CRWC opened our own water testing lab to process water samples for bacteria.

Nov 11

3rd River Steward

3rd River Steward

CRWC expanded staff to include a third River Steward for Massachusetts.

Jul 28

Office Move Yet Again


CRWC purchased the historic E.A. Hall Building, the historic Franklin County Courthouse, located in Greenfield, MA in 1999. After extensive renovations, the offices were moved..Read More

Jul 23

American Heritage River

American Heritage River

The Connecticut River was designated by the US EPA as an American Heritage River – one of only 14 in the country.

Mar 20

2nd River Steward

David Deen

CRWC expanded staff to include a 2nd River Steward for Vermont & New Hampshire.

Sep 22

Source to Sea Cleanup Begins

Source to Sea Cleanup Begins

CRWC held first annual Source to Sea Cleanup. This event continues today and has grown to regularly include over 2,000 volunteers and more than 100..Read More

Oct 20

New Logo

New Logo

CRWC evolved and adopted a new logo.

Apr 01

Offices Move Again

Offices Move Again

CRWC offices moved again. This time relocating from Arcadia Nature Preserve to Ferry Street in Easthampton, MA.

Apr 01

Offices Move

Offices Move

CRWC offices moved from Greenfield, MA to Arcadia Nature Preserve in Easthampton, MA.

Mar 01

First Logo

First Logo

CRWC adopted its first official logo.

Jun 01

Dr. Davidson’s Journey

gas masks

CRWC Board President Dr. Joseph Davidson embarked on a week-long Source to Sea trip to highlight river pollution. During its first decade CRWC focused on..Read More

May 16



Connecticut River Watershed Council was founded on May 16, 1952 at a meeting in the historic Weldon Hotel in Greenfield, MA. The first office was..Read More