CRC-2018-River Impacts
CRC-2018-Membership Growth
CRC-2018-Income & Expenses


Memberships, Contributions, Bequests: 547,117

Grants Awarded: 1,484,739

Property Rental and Other Earned Income: 92,682

Land Stewardship: 9,996

Investment and Interest Income, less unrealized gain (loss): 171,216

Special Events: 1,814

Total Income: $2,307,564


Programs: 1,455,465

General/Administrative: 217,292

Fundraising: 163,055

Total Expenses: $1,835,812

Net Assets Beginning of Year: $3,294,476

Net Assets End of Year: $3,766,228


Board Restricted Endowment: 149,364

Mary Shaub Fund: 1,132,847

Annuities: 159,507

Spaulding Pond Fund: 432,711

Total Endowments: $1,874,429

In Memoriam

Julie Albright

John F. Bean

Linda Bireley

Ronald R. Booth

Doris Borer

Joseph P. DesMeules

Carol Doerpholz

Andrew Dzenis

Dolly Gagnon

Bob and Maril O’Malley

Timothy Powell

Nancy Stone

Donald Sutherland

Edward Chapman Swan

Thank you

to all the member households who were part of CRC in 2018.

We are extremely thankful to every member at every giving level. Below are those members giving $100 or more.

Headwaters Leadership Society members are CRC supporters who give $1,000 or more annually.  * Sustaining Members (monthly)

11,000 Square Mile Society
($10,000 and over)

Anonymous (1)

All American Waste and USA Hauling & Recycling

Antonacci Family Foundation

Beveridge Foundation

Canaday Family Charitable Trust

Council on Soil and Water Conservation


Holyoke Gas & Electric

Jane’s Trust

J.C. Kellogg Foundation Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey

Lintilhac Foundation, Inc.

Lydia B. Stokes Foundation

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

Massachusetts Environmental Trust

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

New Hampshire Charitable Foundation

NRG Energy

Oxbow Marina

Pratt & Whitney

Sarah K. De Coizart Article TENTH Perpetual Charitable Trust

Hooker Talcott, Jr.

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

410 Mile Society
($5,000 – $9,999)

Brookfield Renewable

CDM Smith

Coca Cola North America

Raul and Emilie de Brigard

Emily Landecker Foundation Inc.

Stephen  Garanin and Bonnie Parri


Gulf Coast Community Foundation

Astrid Hanzalek

Hypertherm HOPE Foundation

Kathleen Lovell

The Metropolitan District Commission

Ronald Miller

Cori and Rick Packer


Randolph Foundation

E. William and Jane Stetson

Bayne and Jeanie Stevenson

Janet Sweet

TOMRA of North America, Inc.

The Windham Foundation

Van and Molly Wood

River Guardians
($2,500 – $4,999)

Anonymous (1)

Connecticut Fund for the Environment

Connecticut Natural Gas

Environmental Professional’s Organization of Connecticut

Fortin Foundation, Inc.

Diane and Thorstein Fossnes

Melody Foti

Great River Hydro

William Kelliher

Reynolds’ Boats

Jean Richards

Dave and Barbara Roby

Mitch and Janine Sadoski

Eva Schocken and Kerry Dietz

Brewster Sturtevant

Sugarloaf Mountain Athletic Club

Trout Unlimited Mad Dog Chapter

Humphrey and Susan Tyler


Bill and Sue Webster

Webster Family Foundation

River Champions
($1,000 – $2,499)

Anonymous (1)

Aquarion Water Company of CT

Ashuelot River Hydro, Inc.

Liz Austin*

Bill and Kathy Baldasaro

Beyond Green Construction

Doug Borchard and Barbara Talcott

Peter and Jennifer Brock


Julie Caswell and Richard Rogers

Charles Pratt & Company, LLC

Chicopee Savings Bank Charitable Foundation

Connecticut River Joint Commissions


Guy Crosby

Barbara O. David


Enterprise Holdings Foundation

Evergreen Foundation, Inc.

Excel Dryer, Inc.

Annie Faulkner and Bob King

Andy and Karen Fisk

ForGood Fund

Fuller Family Charitable Trust

Fuss & O’Neill

Steve and Kathy Goldman

Greenfield Savings Bank

Ron and Nina Harris

Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co.

Tom and Jane Hazen

Kurt and Robbie Heidinger

Dave and Kate Hewitt

John and Carol Hubbard

Inter-Fluve, Inc.

JECM Foundation

Don and Sue Joffray

Robert Jonas and Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


Living Springs Foundation

Anne Lombard

James and Ann Martin

Michael and Joanne Masin

Milone & MacBroom, Inc.

The Mo and Cher Willems Foundation

Bob and Diane Moore

John Mudge

New England Water Environment Association

Michael and Sally Newbold

The Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc.

Randall and Storme Odell

One Tree Planted



Morey Phippen and Brian Adams

Ron and Anne Poltak

Harold I. and Frances Pratt

Robert and Arney Pulford

Rosencrans Family Foundation

William Saunders

John and Wendy Sinton

Alan and Roz Spier

Bob and Lee Sproull


SWCA, Inc.

Trout Unlimited – Greater Upper Valley Chapter

Wells Fargo Foundation in cooperation with Wells Fargo Advisors

Cheryl and Mo Willems

Woodard & Curran

River Advocates
($500 – $999)

Anthony and Carol Berner

Stuart and Kristin Brown

Lewis and Betsy Bryden

Joan Burchenal

Leslie and Jim Casey

Christine and Reed Cass

William and Linda Caval

Helen Clark

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts

Concept2, Inc.

Conklin Office Furniture

Crowell Family Foundation

Cheryl Czuba

Martin Dodd

DuBois & King, Inc.

Henry and Aline Euler

James J. Ford

Jeff Gardner

Judy Geer and Dick Dreissigacker

Peter and Christina Gibbons

Phil and Julie Gilfeather-Girton*

Richard and Marcia Haas

Ed Hackett and Sharon Harlan

Hunter and Hildegarde Hannum

Susan Hardy

Kristin Harris and Ian Douglas

Nancy Hazard

William B. Hurd (DRWA)

Kari Kastango

Corey Kurtz and Uri Strauss*

Mark Lantz

Jim and Dianne McHutchinson

O. Ross McIntyre and Helen Whyte

Peter and Jane Mclaughlin

David and Nancy Mears

Gregory Melville and Susan Fox

Morse-Manor Properties LLC

Ted and Caroline Murray

Jim and Linda Okun

Cindy and Rich Patterson

River Advocates cont.
($500 – $999)

Charles and Joan Platt

Kate Putnam and Timothy Delaney

Stewart and Dorothy Read

Renaud Brothers Construction

Scully Family Foundation

Debbie Shriver

Norman H. Sims

The Solstice Trust

David W. Tolli

Vermont Community Foundation

West River Marina

River Pilots
($250 – $499)

Anonymous (8)

Aetna Foundation, Inc.

Mike and Jean Amith

Alan and Myra Aronow

Lee Badgett and Elizabeth Silver

James and Jane Barrett

Polly Bartlett (DRWA)

The Benjamin Co

Brattleboro Savings & Loan Association F.A.

Christopher Campbell

Ben Canonica

Commonwealth Dairy

Copycats Second Avenue Corporation

Ted and Rebecca Crosby

Elizabeth Davis

The Edward J. Sharr Jr. Foundation

Louisa Ferree

First Unitarian Society of Hartland Vermont

Brian Fitzgerald and Brenda Clarkson

Franklin County Brewing Co., Inc.

Ellsworth Grant

Al and Sally Griggs

Suzy Groden and Constance Emmett*

Bruce Hart (DRWA)

John and Priscilla Hellweg

Mary Hepburn

Jennifer Hopkins

Victoria Ippolito

Shirley Keech and Mary King

Tim and Mary Keeney

Frederick and Elizabeth Kopper

Ryan and Marissa Lamontagne

Tim Lewis*

Ted and Adlyn Loewenthal

Steven and Michelle Marantz

Marion and Ellsworth Grant Fund

David Martel

Roberta and Barry Miller

Tom and Elaine Mitchell*

Amalie and Robert Montstream

Alan Morgan and Janet Norris*

Brett Morrison

Melissa Ocana and Ezra Markowitz

Gary Oleson and Francine Ness

PV Squared

Matti and Jill Pylkkanen

Redstart Forestry, Inc.

Karen Rosenbaum and Janice Jorgenson

Ardis Rundlett

Stephen Saxenian and Stacey Lennard

Jeremy Schrauf

Edward Sharr

Brander Sieber

Terry and Laura Smith

Cynthia Sommer and Andrew Balder

Iain Sorrell

Sorrell Family Foundation

Judith Souweine

Harold and Carol Sox

Alan and M.A. Swedlund

Paul Thaler and Linda Batchelor

Vermont Canoe Touring Center

Robert and Elizabeth VonDohlen

Sandra Ward

Whole Foods Market

Andrew Wizner and Sheila Houlihan

Joan Wofford

Paul and Arlene Young

River Stewards
($100 – $249)

Anonymous (9)

Hayat Abuza

Richard and Judith Abuza

Kate Albrecht

Harvey Allen

Michael Alterman

Amazon Smile

Peter Armstrong

Anne Baird and Stephen Campbell*

Patrick Baker and Betty Ann Sather

Hardy and Jeanne Ballantine

Marty Banak and Carol Stedman

Robert Barber and Carol Edelstein

James and Georgia Barnhil

Sam and Marie Bartlett (DRWA)

George Basbas

Michael Bathory and Maryanne Gallagher

Harry Bazzaz*

Joe and Carrie Bellavance

Robert and Colleen Bent*

Misti and Shay Berry

Robert and Janet Bissell

Sarah and Woody Bliss

Stuart Blood and Li Shen

David and Marla Bodznick

Masako Bogin (DRWA)

Robert Booth

Marlene Borer and Ron Roberts (DRWA)

Keith and Karen Borgstrom

Len and Judy Borsari

Richard Bourgeois

Glenn and Jane Bowles

Wendy Brainerd

Brattleboro Food Coop

Brattleboro Sunrise Rotary

Broadside Bookshop

Jacob Brownell

Ken and Peggy Brownell

John and Lale Burk

Harry Byrd

Marie Caduto

Richard and Susan Carlson

Jack and Amy Carlton

Sue Carpenter

Karen Chaffee

Sara Chaffee

John Chard

Edward III and Eleanor Chase

Anne Chase and Lynn Troy

Priscilla and Bill Chester

James Churchill and Ruth Leiter

Gordon and Elizabeth Clark

Herbert and Sharon Clark

Tina and Ray Clark

Susan Cloke

Elissa Close and Christopher Brady

Jacquelyn Coleman

Christopher Coley and Diane Suda

Margo and Greg Connors

Brian Cooper*

Ronnie Copeland and Kathy Holmes

Robert Cramer

Lloyd Crawford (DRWA)

Gloria Cristelli

Colleen Currie and Richard Rubin*

David and Mary Dangremond

Stephen and Suzanne Davis

Marjorie DeBold

Jonathan Dekock

Andrea Delaney

Jennifer and Robert Despres

Rodney and Eugenie Devine

Christopher Diamond and Hallie Hughes

Jim and Annmarie Dina

Carole Donlon-McAuliffe

Jane Drorbaugh

Robert Dryfoos

Michael Duffy

Ruth Elcan

Jamal Elias

Peter Elwell and Wendy Harrison

Bill and Joy Erickson

Faith’s Ford

Paul Fassler (DRWA)

Charles and Charlotte Faulkner

Bob Fazzi and Diana Buckley

Steve Ferguson

Barbara Finlayson

Nancy Fischbach

Floyd Fowler and Julia Chambliss

Sharon Francis

Polly French (DRWA)

James Gallagher

Richard Gallerani

Fritz Gerhardt

Bob and Peg Giles

Sandy Gmur

Daniel Goepp

Laurie Goldberger and Leslie Kogod

Amy Gordon

Kraig Gray

Great Meadows Conservation Trust, Inc.

Joan Greenfield (DRWA)

Clark and Happy Griffiths

River Stewards cont.
($100 – $249)

Lois and David Hager

Mary Hall

Susan and John Hall

Evan Hammond

Nicholas Hänny

Tom and Diana Hayes

Peter Healey

Daniel Hedges

Virginia and David Hilyard

Carrie Hollingsworth and Anita Eggers

Jeffrey Horan

Jon Howe

Kim Hunt

Ironwood Foundation

Stephen Jacobs and Andi Pepper

Jewish Community of Amherst

Steve Jones and Adele Franks

Tom and Suzette Jones

Grace Joyce

Ann Kahn

Frank Kahr

Alan Katz and Pauline Bassett

Karen Kelleher

Mark Keroack and Ann Errichetti

Elizabeth Kidder and Thomas Luck

Paul and Joyce Killebrew

Anne King

Jane Kitchell

Amy Kleppner

Jennifer Ladd

John and Jan Lambert

Luella and George Landis

Andrew Larkin

Joseph Laur and Sara Schley

Ledyard National Bank

Helen and Donald Lennon

Peter and Carol Letson

Stephen Lewis*

William and Jennifer Lipfert

Longmeadow Conservation Commission

Richard and Linda Lopatka

Alyssa Lovell and Alison Perlo

Lynn Lovell and John Darrow

Evie Lovett and Jeff Shumlin

Bob Ludwig

Deborah Luskin and Timothy Shafer

Grace and Ben Machin

David Maher

Louise Malcolm

DeWitt and Vera Mallary

Roland Mandler

Mascoma River Local Advisory Committee

Mascoma Watershed Conservation Council

William Massy

Ron and Nancy Masters

Donna and Andrew McCallum

Thomas McHenry

Alec McLane

Clifton McPherson and Elizabeth Freedman

Bob and Lainy Melvin

Arthur and Sue Merrow*

Susan Millinger

David Millstone and Sheila Moran

Harriet Mooney

Jeffrey and Hilarie Moore

Meredith Morgan

Susan Morrello and Nathan Salwen

Peter and Peggy Morse

Congressman Richard Neal

Network for Good

Emily Nichols

Kyle Nitzsche

Bernie and Brenda Noonan

Raymond Obar

Raymond and Arabella Olander

Charles Olchowski (DRWA)

John Olver

George Ostler and Paula Duprat

Jessica Paige

Victor and Sue Ellen Panitch

Lance Parker

Peter and Elsie Patton

Harold Pennington

Jim Perry (DRWA)

William and Carol Platenik

Jerome Pollitt

Daniel and Herrika Poor

Lewis and Sally Popper

Michael Posner and Carol Owen

Chip Powers and Kathy Crafts

Donald and Lois Prescott

John and Mary Ellen Preston

Judy Preston

Hilary Price

Brie Quinby and Evan Cowles

Rainmaker Consulting

Andrea Reber

Redcliffe Canoe Club

Carol Reed

Cornelia and Wallis Reid (DRWA)

Ron and Betsy Rhodes

Rosemarie and David Rhodes

The Richards Group

Wisty Rorabacher and Judy Draper

David Rosenmiller

Steven Rovithis

Elisabeth Russell

Kellie and Charles Russell

Saint Gaudens Memorial

Saint Mary School

Peter Samal

Kenneth Sauer

Philip and Starr Sayres

Leo Schiff and Joy Hammond

Bruce Schwartz and Kathleen Marie Dugas

Edward Shea

David and Alice Shearer

Nicola and Cullen Shipman (DRWA)

Robin Silva

Skinny Pancake – Hanover

Davenport Smith (DRWA)

Stephen and Roberta Smith

Suzanne Smith

Ann Southworth

Sarah Spencer

Dodd Stacy

John and Nomi Stadler

Stave Puzzles, Inc.

Phil and Marcia Steckler

April Stein

Dennis and Barbara Stern

Robert Stern

David Stier

Gaye Symington and Chuck Lacy

Gregory Thorp

Thread Rolling Inc./Horst Engineering

Karen and Paul Torop

Town of East Hampton Conservation Commission

Town of East Windsor, CT

Town of Langdon Conservation Commission

Chad, Mia, Dylan and Logan Tyler

Frances Uptegrove

Patricia Van Order and Guy McLain

Jesse and Melissa Vanek

George and Suzanne Veilleux

Vermont River Conservancy

Viles Arboretum Board of Directors

Laura and Barry Vogel

Beverley von Kries*

John Wadlegger Sr.

John and Phebe Wallace

Milton and Caroline Walters

Carol Wasserloos and Peter Allison (DRWA)

Barry and Elsa Waxman

Kenneth and Kathy Welch

West Hill Energy and Computing, Inc.

Curtis Weybright

Nancy B.  Whitley*

Cheryl Wilfong and Bill McKim

William M Chester, Jr. Revocable Trust

Dena Willmore and Martha Thurber

Robert and Alice Wolf

Clifford Wolff*

Lora Wondolowski*

Jonathan and Margaret Kelsey Wright

Masako Yanagita

Brian Yellen and Marcelia Muehlke (DRWA)

Victoria and David Yolen

Timothy Young and Amy Gordon

Roserita Ziegler

Nancy Zsiba

Thanks to Massachusetts Environmental Trust for their support of restoring endangered mussels.

Long River Society

As long as there are rivers, they will be threatened with pollution and over-use. Long River Society members make legacy gifts to ensure there will be resources available to protect the Connecticut River and our region’s waters for future generations. To learn more or to join, contact Corey Kurtz, Development Director, at 413-772-2020 ext.202 or

Lucy Atkinson

Liz Austin

Thoeodore Bacon*

Jack Broome

William and Linda Caval

Henry and Aline Euler

Ellsworth Grant*

Suzy Groden and Constance Emmett

Astrid Hanzalek

Daniel Hopkins

Linda Huebner

Christine LaBel and Mark Page

David Maher

Tom and Elaine Mitchell

Michael and Sally Newbold

Jim and Linda Okun

Gary Oleson and Francine Ness

Gary Powsner and Christine Grecsek

Ardis Rundlett

John and Wendy Sinton

Brewster Sturtevant

Hooker Talcott, Jr.

Humphrey and Susan Tyler


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