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CT River Nutrient Sample Locations, Summer 2014

On August 6, 2014, CRWC partnered with the NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), the VT Department of Environmental Conservation (VTDEC), MA Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP), and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to coordinate the first of its kind, large-scale, one-day water testing event in the Connecticut River watershed.

Water samples were collected from the CT River and many of the major tributaries to be tested for nutrients like nitrogen and phosphates. The goal is to reduce nitrogen pollution to Long Island Sound. Nitrogen has been determined to be the cause of the “dead zone” documented by researchers in the Long Island Sound.

Sampling on the same day allowed for variations to be minimized in the analysis of nutrients at different locations. The sampling method was a single grab sample from the center of the water body, either off a bridge or collected by wading into a stream. Sample results from 2014 will allow partners to make future decisions whether to collect the same data in another year, to collect data at the same sites but under spring or runoff conditions, or to identify “hot spot” areas that are worthy of further investigation and analysis in subsequent years.

For more information contact Andrea Donlon at or 413-772-2020 x205.