Raised Bill 998 currently in the Environment Committee would require Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to “solicit from a state-wide organization that represents businesses based in the state, three regulatory programs that such organization deems to be of high priority and to require the modification, repeal or replacement of regulations issued pursuant to a provision of title 22a of the general statutes.”

Development and revisions of regulations in the state of Connecticut has ample opportunity for public process and is executed in a manner that all stakeholders have an opportunity to participate in the process. This bill would upset the balance of economic development and environmental protection. For this reason, CRWC has submitted the following testimony:

There is ample opportunity for public participation in the process for adoption and revisions to regulations developed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). Regulations as they pertain to the environment are developed by DEEP to protect the environment and public health based on data and criteria. Regulations are not dreamed up or discarded based on the desires of a special interest group. This law would severely disrupt the stakeholder balance in protecting public the environment and public health in our state. Do not pass RB 998.